With the round side first, place whistle white side up on your tongue.

Keep in mouth at least 1 minute so it will become soft enough to stick to the roof of the mouth.

Start by making “S” sounds using words like: “Snake, shampoo, shopping”

You can also check the video on our homepage.

The magic bird whistle is designed for several uses.

You can use it just for fun to surprise your friends or in music in order to recreate the sound of real birds.

Famous performers in theater and circus use those whistles as they add a spicy and entertaining effects in their performances.

Those are some of the uses that our magic bird whistles can offer to you and the prospective of using them are countless.

The magic bird whistle is reusable and can be used as many times as you wish but you need to carefully take care of it after each use.

After the bird whistling clean the magic bird whistle with water and let it dry for a moment.

DO NOT put it back on the package when it is still wet, let it dry first.

When the magic bird whistle is not wet anymore store it in the package and use it over and over whenever you want.

Surprise your friends with this great gift.

Get the best quality in the market with the cheapest price.

Offer to your friends a gift that they will remember and let them experience the bird whistling and the countless uses it has.

Each whistle comes in the original packaging with the appropriate instructions included.

People’s Entertainment is our success.

Keep on Bird Whistling !